David Ross Education Trust

David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of our pupils through the provision of a world-class education.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

David Ross Education Trust schools create a rich and exciting learning environment that inspires pupils to become their confident, academic best. Our mission is to broaden the horizons of our pupils through the provision of a world-class education. This is underpinned by our vision for a world-class education that is broad and knowledge-rich, and that equips our pupils to live full, rich and successful lives. Our values are ambition, aspiration, courage and respect. 

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23 Primaries

10 Secondaries

1All through school

1 Special School

A Strong Community

At the heart of our Trust is our firm belief in creating outstanding community citizens.

Our partnerships, our culture and our commitment to the communities that we serve, define who we are and how we set about achieving our objectives and our aspirations.

Community cohesion is promoted through our local, national and international links. Every student is encouraged to take part in community challenges in order to help give back to their local community, to value our local neighbourhoods and to learn to empathise with others.

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  • David Ross


    It is my belief that British education needs to be broader in the experiences and opportunities that it provides for young people. The 21st-century workplace needs open-minded and creative thinkers.

  • Ofsted Report 2024 - 'Outstanding'

    Kings Heath Primary Academy

    The school “opens doors for pupils”, giving them “the best possible start in life”. "The school’s ambition for every pupil knows no bounds."

  • "A nurturing and supportive environment"

    Teacher - Malcolm Arnold Academy

    "You are part of a committed team where you are in a nurturing and supportive environment. Every child and every member of staff can achieve greatness."

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